Fingask Tables - Version 2

We made the first version of our Fingask tables back in 2014.

We agreed to buy nine Elm logs from the owner of Fingask Farm near Oldmeldrum. Rather than writing out a cheque, we agreed that we’d build a coffee table in exchange for the logs. While we were discussing the design with the farmer, he made the observation that a conventional coffee table, positioned in the middle of a room between two sofas, isn’t an ideal solution. If you want to set down your coffee cup, you have to get up to do so. He asked if it was possible to make a coffee table that could be separated into four smaller tables that could be moved right next to the sofa or chair but could also be re-positioned back in the centre of the room.

That set us thinking….

One thing led to another and before we knew it we ended up with a circular design with four curved segments. Each could be used as a stand alone table – just the perfect size, shape and height for a cup of coffee and a magazine but put all four together in the centre of the room and they would form a circular centrepiece.

We made the first Fingask table using some spectacular grained Leopard Elm from the client’s own land – totally unique timber. I think the farmer got the better part of the bargain but we always thought it was a successful design and felt sure it wouldn’t be the last one we made.

It wasn’t until 2019 that we had the opportunity to make another version – again using Elm from the client’s land. This Elm had a plainer grain which better emphasised the curved shapes of the design. Every curve here has the same radius. We like how these tables work well independently but become something more when brought together.

We are planning a third version in Sycamore. This one will be a very special project because each segment is to be given to one of the client’s children. Every table will stand on it’s own feet but when brought together, they become more than the sum of the parts – which is just what a family is all about.