The Fife Arms

The Fife Arms Hotel in Braemar has re-opened following extensive restoration work. We were fortunate to be selected to be a part of the renovation team.

Working closely with prestigious London designers, Russell Sage, we provided the internal cabinetry for the hotel’s new shop. However, rather than building everything from new, we were asked to renovate and rebuild a 19th century pharmacy shop from Basel in Switzerland.

The cabinets were carefully packaged up and shipped over to our workshop. Once they arrived we were amazed to see the quality of workmanship. The entire shop had been built by hand using veneered and solid European Walnut. There were over 190 dovetailed drawers and beautifully detailed wall cabinets.

The cabinets were in surprisingly good condition but we had to carry out extensive remodelling work to allow everything to fit into the new space. We managed to source some lovely boards of prime European Walnut from Paterson Timber in Glasgow and some high quality European Walnut veneer from Capital Crispin Veneers in London.

We were also grateful to work with skilled French Polisher Steve Shand on this project. Steve has a great eye for matching the finish between the old and the new timber.

We rarely carry out restoration work so this was a new challenge for us. The Fife Arms Hotel is destined to become one of the top boutique hotels in the UK so were very pleased to have been involved.