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The Process

The first point of contact is usually our showroom at Cairntradlin. Here we have examples of some of the different styles and materials that we work with as well as a database of images of previous furniture projects. Visitors to our showrooms are usually shown around the workshops and we try to communicate who we are and what we do. At this point, we will normally discuss the budget for the furniture and give an indication of our likely charges.

Some clients have quite a fixed idea of what they are looking for while others are looking for our guidance. In either case, it is our job to interpret your requirements and to create something uniquely personal to you.

And every customer is quite different. Some are looking for very cool and sophisticated furniture while others want durable practicality. Some may want a very organic design – full of natural curves and wild grained timber while others need a design that compliments the traditional integrity of a period home. Our job at this stage is to listen carefully so we can arrive at a design that works well for the individual client.

We will spend some time looking at the different timbers available. As well as considering the different species we will also look at different grades of timber. We will often use quite wild grained wood in our furniture but some designs work best with plain grained timber.

We will also look at the different finishes available. A spray applied, satin sheen lacquer is very durable and practical but sometimes a hand rubbed oil finish feels more appropriate. We can also make furniture with a beautiful hand painted finish.

The next stage is to produce scale drawings of the proposed design and prepare an initial quotation. Our quote will normally list several design options with a range of possible costs. At this stage, neither the design nor the costs are “set in stone”. They can simply act as a starting point for further discussion.

Should you decide to proceed further, we will often prepare full size plywood templates of the proposed furniture design and bring them to your home to make sure that the scale and proportions work well in situ. We will sometimes need to refine the design a little and we will finalise the materials to be used.

At this point, we would prepare a fixed price quotation and we would ask for payment of a deposit. This deposit is normally around 20% of the total charge and confirms the job and enables us to book it into the workshop schedule. Depending on the size of the project, we may ask for a stage payment midway through the construction process with the final payment due following installation.

Building your furniture can take between two and six weeks. We build everything here at Cairntradlin and clients are most welcome to visit our workshops to view progress. That way we can be sure that they’re happy with the design and the timber selection prior to finishing and installation.


Proposed Design Sketch
Work In Progress
Installation Complete


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